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What are some of your personal favorite espresso coctails?



Posted by markblake 8 month(s) ago

Important point #1: On an iPad on-screen keyboard, the asterisk (*) and dollar sign ($) are on different layouts, requiring you to constantly press a sequence of keys to shift from letters to numeric symbols to other symbols and back again. Thanks again, Apple, for dumbing everything down to the point where it sucks.
Now that I've gotten that important point out of the way...
I followed the OP's link to his *$ love article, read it, then did a little research to validate what I thought of it all. Here's my assessment:
The OP's assertion (based on his article), is largely correct if you are new to *$, generally correct if the market is new to *$, spectacularly false in the case of Australia, and completely irrelevant in the case of markets like the United States after 2000.
To paraphrase the OP's assertion, *$'s main appeal is said to come from its welcoming environment and luxo drinks, all of which gives its customers the warm and fuzzy. However, to put my own spin on it, *$ did several things that were new to most people at the time:

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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