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Email Marketing Software

Sendy is a self-hosted email marketing tool that uses Amazon SES to send messages. You only pay once for the app to run the server, $ 0.10 per thousand emails. It allows you to save from transactions without making your own email app. You get started by editing configure. php file, uploading the app to your server and connecting to an Amazon SES account.

You start building your email lists by adding multiple brands, organizing your newsletter by site or product and creating email marketing campaigns.

With Sendy email marketing software , you import subscribers in bulk, add visitors via built in HTLM signup form, or favorite apps.

Moreover, you can hand-code your own email template that looks and works as you like. Using tags at the bottom of the template, you can import names, current date and personalization items.

Sendy email marketing solutions tracks your email and lets you know how they are performing using an open stats click. Get location, click rates, and list of the most clicked links. Add custom Google Analytics, to track email stats with the rest of your website information.

Users also access customizable email templates and tools to send emails via Amazon SES. Sendy email marketing provides everything you need to make email newsletters successful.

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