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Activate Direct Deposit Feature in QuickBooks Payroll: Requirements & Sign up

by vikas 3 month(s) ago

Article Source:-https://www.wizxpert.com/direct-deposit-requirements-sign-up-activate-quickbooks-desktop-payroll/

This article covers how to sign up direct deposit in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. If you set up workers for direct deposit, we automatically deposit their net payroll sums into their bank accounts. Your workers don’t have to cash paper checks to get paid.

Note: There is no extra fee for direct deposit.

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Requirements to sign up for Direct Deposit:

  • The supported version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Active QuickBooks Desktop payroll subscription.
  • Federal Employer Identification Number(EIN).
  • Internet access.
  • A Bank account that can handle Automated Clearing House(ACH) transactions within the United States.

Note: Nominal per transaction and per payroll transmission charges may apply.


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