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Mobile plan only no longer exist Magicjack APP

by MagicJack 12 day(s) ago

I have an old Magicjack record and I just utilize the versatile application as I don't require and won't utilize the USB gadget. For reasons unknown Apple store did not charge my record for the restore and my arrangement got scratch off by Magicjack on the grounds that it is an old rendition they say, now with the goal for me to utilize their administrations I need to purchase a USB gadget that I WILL NOT USE and connection to my record all together for the versatile APP to work once more. 

I have reached them and they said that on the off chance that I have restored on time they would bolster yet since I didn't (Apple Store blame) there is no real way to reestablish the old administration. 

I have reached Apple Store and the help individual was astonished that he couldn't reestablish the APP and after I clarified him what happen, he encourage me to search for another APP as this did not appear to think about its clients. 

They have never conveyed or exhorted their customers by email that the old arrangement would not be upheld if not recharged/ceased as they ought to have. 

Loathsome client benefit, dubious method for constraining their customers to spend more cash superfluous.


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