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Six thousand doctors pay tax out of 39,000 in Sri Lanka - Gossip News

by online_jobs 2 month(s) ago

News generates every second. There are much attention on gossip news these days. In Sri Lanka, people always interested in reading, hearing and watching gossip related news. The latest gossip lanka 99 news is majority of doctors not paying government taxes in Sri Lanka. This gossip news have been published by CellMax information blog. You can read the full story here. This situation is very bad condition. A goverment run because of taxes which collect from the citizen. If all citizens act like this, Government can't run. Presently, Sri ankan's have faced this situation. Gossip Lanka 99 news also added, 625 billions of money is collected from Sri Lanka citizen by today. They hope to increase this amount upto 1200 billion by the year  2020. Gossip lanka 99 also said 6000 out of 39,000 pay taxes correctly. Here are some sites which publish gossip lanka 99 and gossip lanka 9 information.

Gossip Lanka 99

Gossip Lanka news

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