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by vikas 3 month(s) ago

Article Sorce:-https://www.wizxpert.com/quickbooks-online-bank-reconciliation/

It is a statement match items you fill into QB software with items that physically clear your account. It is important to perform this function to catch any transaction that may not be listed in QB.

A bank reconciliation is a computerized balancing of your company bank accounts, such as checking or savings accounts.  Many small business holders use the running bank account balance feature in the QuickBooks software.

For example, we reconcile the balance in the common account book and Cash in inspecting to the balance put on display on the bank statement. The impartial is to record the right amount in the common account book and Cash in Checking.

Match each of the deposits in your report to those eminent on the bank statement. If you have listed a deposit that the bank had not yet collected concurrently with an activity the month, list this deposit as a reconciling information that should be added to the bank’s ending cash balance for your account.

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