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Facing Down Fear of Rejection

by markblake 9 month(s) ago

You’re afraid to call.  You’re afraid to bring it up in person.  You’re afraid to approach those really powerful prospects on your candidate list. 


Because they might reject you.  BOOM!

So what?

I mean really.  So what?  Here’s the most fascinating thing about rejection in network marketing:  If you’re not getting some rejection, you’re not really doing your job.

Here’s why:  Our business is perfect for everybody.  But everybody is not perfect for our business.  Not everyone is willing to do the work, or willing to give up watching five hours of television nightly.

If someone tells me they’ve never been rejected and that every single person they’ve talked to has joined their business, it reveals something important.

It means they are only talking to the “safe” people.  The best analogy comes to us from the sport of baseball.  If a player steals 15 out of 15 bases, he’s not considered a good base stealer.  It means he takes the base when a pitcher gives it to him.  A good base stealer would be someone who steals 15 out of 19.  The fact that he is getting caught sometimes shows he is really in the game, and attempting to do it at a high level.



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