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Professional Hair Treatment with Mayur Salon N Academy

by mayursalun 16 day(s) ago

Keratin is the natural protein in our Hair. It is also present in our Teeth and Nails. It helps our Hair by keeping it straight and shiny. As the protein content decreases with an unbalanced diet and age, Keratin levels will decrease. Consequently, our hair becomes frizzy, tangled and dry. To get sleek hair we need to replace the protein content in our hair. A treatment based on this process is called “Brazilian Blowout”.

These treatments basically add a coating of keratin on your hair shaft which leaves you with silky straight hair. Whence most hair straightening techniques especially the permanent ones are damaging to your hair on the long run, this technique is a lot safer. The keratin reduces the frizz and makes your hair straight. It is also a lot safer to use on chemically treated and even damaged hair. The treatment will take a maximum of Two hours to finish. Mayur Salon N Academy offers best Keratin Treatment in Udaipur and it is one of the leading Hair Styling in Udaipur.



It's designed for those with curly or frizzy hair wanting long-lasting, polished, straight hair that’s easy to manage. Keratin Straightening Rebonding System is a super-effective treatment that transforms your hair into polished, sleek tresses that you can enjoy for months to come. The Keratin Straightening Rebonding Technology reshapes the hair effectively and safely. Straightening Cream with Kera-glide complex ensures safe rebonding and optimal conditioning during the treatment. The Neutralization Cream rebalances the hair to ensure bonds are closed. The deeply conditioning formulas moisture the hair while making it manageable and shiny.

Mayur Salon N Academy is one of the best Beauty Parlour in Udaipur. They have evolved with time and understand the beauty needs of every individual. If you are looking for a good quality Hair Rebonding in Udaipur then you can visit here and avail your service.

There is a number of permanent hair straightening options available in the market and therefore selecting the best Hair Straightening in Udaipur requires a lot of research and efforts on your part. Acquiring the straightening techniques would become quite expensive and therefore you would only be satisfied with the best possible results. For all those people who have curly hair and dream of having straight and silky hair, it becomes quite difficult to decide on one of the best hair treatments to straighten your hair. There are various hair straightening methods available in the market with different price tags. However, before you choose and move forward with any one method for your hair, know all details about the process. This will help you in taking the decision faster.


Mayur Salon N Academy also provides complete solution for Bridal Makeup in UdaipurIts is one of the best Makeup Artist in Udaipur at affordable budget. Mayur Salon N Academy offer a full range of the latest beauty and grooming services in the areas of hair care, skin care and beauty. The services include specialized services for skin (facials), hair (colouring, cuts, styles, perms etc), hands & feet (advanced manicures and pedicures) as well as essential beauty services (waxing, pedicures, manicures). Please visit our website for Best Salon in Udaipur.

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