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Facing Your Fears

by markblake 7 month(s) ago

Here’s something you may not know about actor Henry Fonda:  He had tremendous stage fright.  When he was starring in Broadway shows, he would literally vomit in a bucket backstage, clean up, then go out and deliver a virtuoso performance. 

Yet Fonda was as honored as any actor: nominated for two Emmys, taking home a couple of Oscars, winning BAFTA best actor, two Golden Globes, a Grammy and a Tony award.

As acclaimed as Fonda was for acting, Barbra Streisand is for her singing.  She’s been making platinum records and winning awards since the 60’s.  And she suffers from an almost immobilizing fear of performing in front of live audiences.  Yet when she has to perform, she does what Fonda did, what you and I have to do:

She sucks it up, faces her fear, and does her job. 

Here’s the difference between the grinders and the Rock Stars in network marketing:

The grinders believe that once they find a way to overcome their fear, then they can start their work. 



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