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Top 9 SEO Friendly Website Design Tips

by kapil kumar 6 month(s) ago

As you know SEO is the most important part of online presence.

Here are some important tricks that you can use to make the website design SEO friendly.

Best Use of Keywords

Some of the people concentrate on using the keyword in their copy, but they neglect other areas. Not only can keyword be used in the copy, and within an article on the website, they can also be incorporated into the designing of your site.

Be Careful with Flash Elements

Using the too much flash on the site can’t only distracting for the visitors, but it can also affect the website’s search engine ranking. If you use the flash elements on the website, then it will be more tough for the search engines to rank your site. This is because flash is often ignored or devalued by the search engines, meaning that it won’t add anything to the Website’s SEO.

Use Of Paragraphs

Use of paragraphs in the Website Design most important for the SEO friendly Website.

So, we can say that Paragraphs most in Web Design.

Make Web Design Responsive

If your Website has Responsive then your website may be SEO friendly that most important for the web design.

Include Important Text

As you know that Important text is important on the Website.The text has always been the unsurpassed option that can be used for SEO web design service. If you are uploading a video or an image in any web page, make sure to include some text that describes all the meaning.

Names Of The File

The file name is important in Web design that uses the easy search the file name.It’s also a good method to include keywords in the URL as this increases the Search Engine visibility. Make the use of file names so that people can reach your web page more easily. For more information...


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