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10 Things to Look for when Hiring an Accountant

by Ankit Tomar 2 month(s) ago

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So, ready to hire an accountant for your business. If you are still confused about doing so you must read our article on how an accounting professional help grows your business. You should also be knowing the major difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant.


Before hiring an accountant for your business, sit down face to face and have a discussion. Get to know the person you will be working with and perhaps trusting to give you good tax advice. Asking the right questions will give you so many good information about this accounting and tax professional.

Why do you need an accountant?

When your business grows from small to big at that time you need an accountant and you realize the need of an accountant and his responsibility. At that time you must not worried or feeling tense as you are going to give these responsibilities with financial information. An accountant can contribute your business with not only bookkeeping and financial services but also a large long-term package of business advice and consultancy.

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The things you should keep in mind before choosing an accountant:

10 Things to Look for when Hiring an Accountant

These are few tips which you should follow to choose the best man for your business.

1. What You Get for Your Money:

In Today’s world Accounting professionals provide help with everything like bookkeeping to presenting document in a tax audit some question always floats in your mind like: Do you think someone come and give suggestion to you regarding next business plan Do you think someone come and helping you in prepare financial projections which in turns secure a business plan.So when to hire an accountant it is better to think for a long term.So look for someone with whom you can keep in touch and make a healthy relationship that will lead growth to your business.

2. Do You Really Need a CPA?

CPA is commonly known as a certified public accountant & he must have college degree passed a full-time professional exam and have state licensing requirements.He has the power to take more responsibilities than other accountants Example Taxpayers in IRS audits.So if you have any kind of these services or if your budget is small, tight and needs are fairly straightforward in your business so you can Choose CPA.

3. Ask for References from People whom you Trust:

For better CPA you must ask colleagues and friends for referrals or it’s better to refer online website of American Institute of CPAs (AICPA).

4. Shop Around:

It’s a great idea to talk to at least three accountants or accounting firms before selecting one. Remind that professionals work for you; don’t be anxious to ask questions and fully vet accountants who might handle an important form of your business.

5. Check Their References:

Always take knowledge for client references from potential accountants & One thing to note is AICPA has links to all the state CPA registries One online tool National Association of State Boards of Accountancy is also available for references.

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6. Find Out How Responsive They’ll Be:

Never ever place your finances in other’s hand just to know about the adequate information. It is better to ask potential candidates regarding their turnaround time for filings and reports.Find out from other references about their responsive behaviour to requests.

7. Get Clear About Rates:

Just make sure you know their fee structure and get the evaluation for the monthly costs for the services you need. Go over your budget and work out a contract that meets your demand without breaking the bank.

8. Know Your Own Bottom Line:

Handing of books to an accounting professional & handling of full responsibility for the financial health both are different parts of your business. Always understand scenario first then ask an accountant to do that work and which also ensure accountant level of service to you.It’s up to you to establish that your accountant provides the level of service you think, but an accountant isn’t a monetary wizard, so don’t make them completely responsible for your financial success.

9. Find out the value they can add to your business

An accountant will be enough to provide your business with far more value than easily completing your annual tax returns and generating your accounts. They should be capable to help your business grow and enlarge over time. A good accountant will be able to provide you with instruction on how best to organize your company and provide support with running a payroll as your business develops.

 10. How often they will connect

Clear, effective and continual communication is the key to a successful relationship with your accountant. Establish early on how regularly you’ll connect, and how communication will be made. It’s better to clear up early on how fastly you can expect to hear back when questions arise. This helps to set hope on both sides and minimizes mistakes.


Hiring the right accountant to handle your small business’s finance is an important decision for your organization health. The right person for the job can contribute toward the growth of your company and the wrong person can greatly slow it. The above is true when your small business is newly founded, and needs a solid foundation for growing successfully.

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