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Operations Management – Maximum in Minimum

by olivermarkbme 7 month(s) ago

Operations management is part of management dealing with how to control operations in a concern. It aims at reaping maximum benefits in minimum cost. It requires proper designing and controlling of all the processes going on in the manufacture of goods and products. An operation manager is responsible for efficient organization and administration of all the processes during an operation. An operation is any process in which raw materials are converted into finished goods and services at the expense of time, labour and energy. Today everything is mechanized so all manufacturing operations are also machine driven. In early ages, most of the production processes were hand driven and raw tools were used. The production was slow and the output was less.

There are several business schools offering courses on operations management. The students taking these courses should be well versed with the supervision of all the technical and physical functions going on in a production unit. They are given assignments which bring out how serious a student is in pursuing his or her operation management course. These assignments involve manufacturing, developmental and quality control processes also.

Principles of Operations Management:

Operations Management is a process which can be taken as a blend between science and art. So, there are several principles of operations management. These include the procurement of raw materials, the process of production and manufacturing, maintenance of production control, analysis of process, productivity analysis, cost control programs etc. Operations cannot be done without involving workforce. These include both skilled and unskilled labour. This workforce should be put to work in an efficient and creative way to have quality output with minimum amount of resources spent. Operations management has two objectives. These are:

  1. To improve labour productivity.
  2. To improve economic efficiency.

Operations management is also known as scientific management as it aims to analyze and evaluate the rate of workflow. So the scientific management is divided into several parts. These are:

  1. Selection of compatible and feasible manufacturing process and technology.
  2. Selection of efficient and skilled workforce on the basis of production efficiency.
  3. Enhancement of efficiency of workforce by providing them scientific education.
  4. Improved communication between the management and the workforce

Operational processes can be of two types:

  1. Discontinuous or Discrete Process: Here the production of any goods is done unit wise. They are made in separate units and then assembled together. This can be taken as low volume production with high complexity. This reduces production costs and ensures timely introduction of the product into the market.
  2. Continuous or Batch Process: It involves the free production of the goods without any interruption in the process. The raw materials are fed from one end and the finished products are delivered from the other end of the manufacturing line.

Operational management has two measures. These are:

  1. Effectiveness measures: The effectiveness of operations management depends upon the high quality of the product, cost of production, less time of production, flexibility in the production process and green or clean impact of the production on the environment.
  2. Efficiency measures: the efficiency of operations management depends on the productivity of all factors involved in the production like workforce, warehouse, raw materials, machines etc. It also depends on the overall equipment efficiency in the production output. Moreover, the output efficiency also measures the efficiency of operations management.

Help for Operations Management Students on Assignments:

Operations management is a specialization course in MBA. Any student who successfully completes the course can establish him or herself as a successful entrepreneur or can have a top position as operations manager in a reputed concern. Operations management is having more of the theoretical aspects rather than the practical aspects. Students find it quite difficult to understand the processes involved in operations management. They should concentrate on two aspects of operations management. These are Manufacturing Operations and Service Operations. Sometimes few students find the operations management assignments quite confusing. This renders them in difficulty about solving the operations management assignments in the right manner. The requirement of the institute is according to strict guidelines laid by them. All students do not comply with these guidelines. This forces them to search for online assignment writing help.

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