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by Amaia 12 day(s) ago

Introduction: Outlook is a web-based program provided by Microsoft.It is an e-mail software program that enables users to send and receive mail on their PC. Two versions of Outlook: Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express.

      Microsoft Outlook is used as a stand-alone version or part of Microsoft Office suite. There are some problems when Microsoft Outlook users faced to use this software. Here we discuss Microsoft Outlook issues and solutions.

Issue1: MS Outlook working is too slow:

This is the most common problem of Outlook.MS Outlook stores each user's  email, files and calendar entries in a special file known as a Personal Folder(.pst) file.When a PST file will grow so large in size it causes problems with Outlook becomes nearly impossible due to its slow speed.

Solution: The first solution is to backup the PST.You need to remove everything that is causing the PST to expand.You have to find the folder called “Larger Than 100 Kb” in Outlook, it will contain all emails that are larger than 100 Kb. Delete all unwanted old emails.The second solution is Archiving. Archive emails by year. This method will save large amounts of data to their local directory.

Issue 2: An email on computer not showing on another device

When Outlook is installed on more than one computer, you may find that the email settings on one don’t match the other. Downloading an email on both would also lead to an inconsistency.

Solution: There are two solutions for this problem. The first solution is to manually copy the PST file from one computer to the another.The Second solution is a switch to IMAP protocol that synchronizes the mail on the server with the mail in Outlook.

Issue 3: Spam emails

You may get to know from your contacts that they’ve received unwanted emails from you while you may not be aware of sending them. This could be quite embarrassing if the receiver is an important business associate and the sent out email is inappropriate.

Solution – The cause of this problem could be either a malware-infected computer with access to your email address. Changing the password could solve the latter of the problems.

Issue 4: PST has corrupted

If your PST has corrupted and started seeing errors pointing out the same on opening Outlook. A corrupted PST can develop error of all data within your Outlook since it won’t allow it to open.

Solution – In Microsoft Outlook inbuilt Scanpst.exe proves to be quite effective in this situation. You can find it in your Outlook installation folder and just run it should be all.

Microsoft products are the best products of software market that dominated all other application available in the industry. 

any problem related to Microsoft Outlook feel free to contact Outlook Support Number anytime.




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