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QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisor – Advanced Continuing Education (ACE) Program FAQs

by Ankit Tomar 2 month(s) ago

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QuickBooks Advanced Certification:

As per the official website, Afterward May 22, 2016, all QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisors (both QuickBooks Desktop & Online) should complete 9 CPE credits of Advanced Continuing Education (ACE)-approved training. Also, this is to be done within the 3 years of getting advance ProAdvisor certification. After every 3 years, they will have to again earn 9 CPE credits.

Advanced Continuing Education (ACE) approved training has live webinars & classroom events given by Advanced Certified ProAdvisors which is pre-approved as ACE Sponsors namely Mario Nowogrodzki, CPA, CITP of Mendelson Academy, as well as Michelle Long, CPA, and Hector Garcia, CPA, of  QB Power Hour  and attend training any of these as per convenience and your practice.

Here we have enlisted some frequently asked questions for the Advanced Continuing Education (ACE) Program.

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Advanced Continuing Education (ACE) program FAQs

Qus: When does the 3-year clock begin?

Ans: The program starts on May 22, 2016, or later, the clock starts the day you become QuickBooks Advanced Certified.

Qus: What if I was QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisors before the program starts on May 22, 2016?

Ans: we won’t need a full 3 years to earn their 9 CPE credits of AIF and if you are certified then your 3-year clock begins on your anniversary date in 2017.

Qus: Where can I find the date I was Advanced Certified?

Ans: You can get all information in  ProAdvisor Certification Center and follow path click Certification, click View certification history here dates are given on which you completed your certifications.

Qus: What if I am Advanced Certified in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online?

Ans: If you certified in both the same 9 CPE credits of ACE can apply to both advanced QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisors.  Each certification has an individual 3-year clock.Any credits earn while applying to both at once, but the certifications still need to renew separately.

Qus: What training qualifies as “ACE-approved?”

Ans: Official QuickBooks ACE Sponsors has delivered “ACE-approved” advanced training. visit here a list of ACE Sponsors.

Qus: As I have certification in QuickBooks Desktop & Training provide by ACE for QuickBooks Online for my practice and clients may be good.Will this credits from ACE-approved QuickBooks Online training count for my QuickBooks Desktop Advanced Certification status?

Ans: Yes, It is possible and QuickBooks Advanced Certified ProAdvisors are allowed to choose ACE-approved topics and ACE recommend credit towards single or both certification

Qus: How do I register for an ACE-approved training?

Ans: All registration and attendance are handled by ACE Sponsor & course have been pre-approved and provide CPE.On a website you get course descriptions, the number of credit, training, instruction.so visit a list of ACE Sponsors and their training.

Qus: Do I have to pay to attend an ACE-approved training event?

Ans: It depends on which ACE-approved training you decide.Some of them take place during conferences that have attendance fees. Some of them take place via webinars that may be free or have a cost.

Qus: Is ACE-approve training allow CPE?

Ans: Yes, all ACE Sponsors are registered with (NASBA) & ACE-approved training provides CPE.

Qus: How can I report of having 9 CPE credits of Advanced Continuing Education (ACE) approved training?

Ans: Reporting system is available now, kindly http://quickbookstrainingevents.com/ACE.

Qus: Should I need to submit any document to prove that I’ve attended ACE-approved training?

Ans: ACE Sponsors maintain a monthly roster of attendance to their ACE-approved training, Any misrepresentation or incorrect information may result in suspension of your Advanced Certification status.

Qus: Can I start taking ACE-approved training before the reporting system is in place?

Ans: Yes you can do this, By visiting  http://quickbookstrainingevents.com/ACE.

Qus: What if I do not complete 9 CPE credits of ACE-approved training in a 3-year clock?

Ans: If not completed within given time frame then your Advanced Certification status and associated ProAdvisor benefits will be suspended.If complete 9 CPE credit of ACE-approved training, your advanced QuickBooks certification status and your ProAdvisor benefits will be resumed.

Qus: How can keep our QuickBooks Advanced Certification status?

Ans: Yes, First pass QuickBooks Online exam every 365 days.second: Out of 3 version pass at least 1 of QuickBooks Desktop certification.and qualify recertification or “update” exam for two years on QuickBooks Desktop.

Qus: Can I still take ACE-approved training if I don’t stay current on my QuickBooks Desktop and/or QuickBooks Online certifications?

Ans: Yes, you can continue to take ACE-approved training if you are no longer Advanced Certified by reason of not maintaining your QuickBooks Desktop and/or Quickbooks Online certifications.

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